Our Coaches


Andrew Moss

Coach Dru is a senior firefighter who has worked with Fire and Rescue New South Wales for the past 9 years. As a senior firefighter, his role is that of a mentor to junior firefighters and to create and run training at his station.

Dru has been crossfitting for 5 years and coaching for the past 3. He has a particular passion for the ever growing and evolving CrossFit community that he trains with and the community at large; participating in games days at local gyms and regularly participating in the CrossFit open.

As a firefighter, Dru has seen the many benefits of CrossFit as a functional form of fitness which enables him to effectively handle the physical demands he is exposed to in his job.

Dru has completed further weightlifting training through the heavily beneficial Pendlay coaching courses, which is reflected in his coaching style and methods. He has been coaching ongoing at local affiliates both in the Blue Mountains and Western Sydney for over 3 years. 

Nathanial Baker

Nate is the Coordinator at an alternative school for students who don’t fit the current mould of students attending mainstream schooling. He has worked in the special education sector for the last six years, and appreciates the opportunity to work with those whom otherwise would be left to fall through the cracks.

He is a qualified Personal Development, Health and Physical Educator and has coached many different sports at all levels of competition. Before this, he worked in hospitality where he was the general manager of the Watsons Bay Hotel. This role he gained after working his way up from being the hotels cellar boy through the ranks as he learnt and experienced more. It took him all over the country and around the world. 

Nate holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sport and Exercise Science, and Master’s degrees in Physiotherapy and Education. He Completed his Level 2 Trainers course, and is an ESSA (Exercise and Sport Science Australia) accredited Exercise Scientist (ESSAM AES).

In his own words, "I love the area I live in as it provides the opportunity to get outside. Bushwalking, rock-climbing, abseiling and canyoning are undertaken most weekends, and are just another way to be involved with our community".


Helen-3 1000@72.jpg

Helen Ilich

Helen is a Stretch Therapy™ Teacher, Animal Flow® Instructor, Kettlebell Instructor, Tumbling Coach and Gold Medal Bodies Trainer (GMB™). Helen's founding movement discipline is gymnastics, in which she, was immersed for many years, as a gymnast and then as an accredited coach in Sydney, Australia.  As a gymnast, her forte and passion was tumbling and her coaching extended to schools and sporting organisations where she conducted children’s and adults recreational classes, and competitive squad training in Artistic Gymnastics. This experience is reflected in her subsequent pursuits and continues to be an inspiration for physical autonomy and movement for life.

Strength, flexibility and movement are fundamental to Helen's current vocation. After discovering the brilliant Stretch Therapy™ flexibility training system in 2014, she gained Stretch Teacher qualifications to teach stretch classes for joint mobilisation for wellbeing through to powerful stretching for athletic performance. Another learning curve followed, which led to a broader career in fitness, incorporating gymnastics tumbling and GMB methods which are integral to her personal and professional journey. Her business operation is Flexagility.

Helen is an Animal Flow® practitioner and enjoys training in body-weight exercise and quadruped locomotion for the intense challenge and opportunity for fluidity and freedom these skill-based movements present to the mind and body.

Ash Birkett

Ash the pocket rocket works locally in a management role and understands the needs and wants of the community. She has been crossfitting for 5 years, but has always maintained an interest in uniquely challenging activities from martial arts to rock climbing, marathons to obstacle racing, and has enjoyed embracing and encouraging the community within these sports.

An avid jet-setter, Ash has crossfitted and trained over parts of Europe and South East Asia, experiencing gyms and boxes, all cultures from all walks of life, furthering her knowledge, training and development. It's also just really fun!!

She holds both a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, and an Australian Weightlifting Federation Level 1 qualifications. She is a firm believer in a hands-on 'practice what you preach' approach to her coaching, and is continuously looking for new and interesting ways to improve on her current knowledge and experiences.



Michael Field

Michael began his crossfit journey in 2014.

Started out as the average person who went to the standard gym with a set routine each week. "At first I was sceptical on joining crossfit as I knew nothing about it, but once I did I become hooked! My idea of going to the gym went from being a boring chore to a lifestyle choice". Mick completed his Level 1 Trainers course in 2017 by chance at the very same session Ash completed hers!

Outside of crossfit Michael is a qualified industrial electrician. His location of employment started out west in the power stations, the trade then took him to Sydney and has now brought him back to a job where he can train and coach in our so called "second home".