Persistence Breeds Achievement

We acknowledge the hard work that all our members put in day in and day out, and how this effort leads to ongoing individual achievements which we get ecstatic to see so often.

We would like to specifically throw a shout out to Jacob and Lauren Takle. 
They have been coming to the gym to learn new skills and movements for around 8 months now. They have achieved much and always brighten Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.

Jacob has a diagnosis of Autism. He is in year 8, had very basic numeracy and literacy skills and extremely limited reading and writing. Physically, he had restricted movement with very poor core strength. 

Lauren was born with Foetal alcohol disorder which presents itself very similar to ADHD - her body and mind were always very busy. 

Through their twice weekly session, coupled with a way of eating which has proven itself to be suited to their needs, The adaptations that these two have made has been extremely positive saying the absolute least.

Lauren is calm, absorbing information with an open brain which has seen her reading abilities sky rocket and spending hours in constructive play, whilst developing her handstand and Olympic weightlifting abilities. 

Jacob is now full of confidence and willing to try new things. Previously needing a handrail to use the staircase, he can now jump onto a 20 inch box. He can squat retracting his shoulders whereas the sensation of anything touching his skin on his back was uncomfortable enough to not perform the movement 6 months ago.

Yesterday he brought in his first ever sports ribbons from his school athletics carnival showing his wares as a sprinter, and performed in the school band playing the cajon.

What these two have and will continue to achieve is amazing, and it is all thanks to their continued efforts and parents, CrossFit Katoomba favourites Murray and Wendy, for having big hearts, and an open mindedness to try different fundamental life principles in order to promote positive change for the future. Modern society could learn much from your family's example.