RX Precision Nutrition

Hey guys. 

The relationship between training and nutrition is complicated. If you’re slogging it out at the
gym, but not reaching your body composition or performance goals, it’s likely that your nutrition is holding you back.

I've noticed a lot of our members have been taking an interest in their ways of eating lately (which is awesome) and thought this may be something that may interest some of you. I have already had a chat to a few members about the idea of a nutrition coach, and thought I'd post a little more information on the subject.

Engaging a nutrition coach will help you to understand your limiting factors and how to navigate around them to achieve your goals; whether they be fat loss, muscle gain or performance enhancement. You will have a dedicated coach to help you stay accountable and create new, consistent habits.

Personalised Coaching:

A close friend of mine, Bec has been crossfitting for six years, has her CFL1 and has completed Precision Nutrition L1, opening RXPN mid-2017. Bec found macro counting after years of training hard but not reaching her training or body composition goals and finally having success when she looked at her nutrition.

The goal of RXPN is to educate people to fuel their bodies correctly to look and feel the way they want to. RXPN now has two qualified coaches on staff and have had many successful clients.

For further reading, check out www.rxpn.com.au, alternatively seek me out at the gym and I will be more than happy to have a chat and put you in contact with Bec.