Open Foundation Challenge

Hey Guys,

Starting the week beginning February 6 (Monday) we will be running a comprehensive program similar to that of the "Winter Swolestice" we ran during 2017, for those that want to better manage their lifestyle gain an edge leading into the CrossFit Open this year.

With most members signing up to the open last year creating an awesome vibe each Friday night undertaking the workouts, we thought it a good idea to give those signing up this year the opportunity to be involved in some lead-up experiences to galvanise them for the coming weeks.

Resident Nutritionist Orit has offered her expertise to assist in providing interested members with information and education on eating programs, specific to their goals and needs.

What we be involved in the program is a personal consultation with Orit covering:

  • an eating plan developed specific for the individual, taking into consideration their needs/desires
  • measurements (Weight, BMI, Circumferences) taken throughout the program to monitor progress
  • ongoing casual consults answering questions/concerns

Those undertaking the program will also get personal one-on-one sessions with Dru or Nat to specifically work on technique/break down movements which they may be finding challenging. 

The program will come at a one off cost of $50 - quite reasonable taking into consideration the cost of an initial consult with a nutritionist!

Anyone interested can email/message with any questions re: specifics or alternatively hit us up next time you're in the gym.